LUXE So Caribbean Seminar 2018

Silver Wind



A Few Notes from my Silversea  Experiences,         Mark Rosanova, MD

Late lunch in the sun at a table by the problem. Shade better? No problem Order from the pool bar menu, or anything from the 10 page room service problem....No crowds, no waiting, no rush,  no hassle. In fact, the room service menu is available anytime and anywhere on the ship....if you like...

Buy a Sicilian Cassata and canoli from the best bakery in Messina, Sicily, and you want it served to your table at problem. You want that island delicacy or exceptional local rum you found ashore served at lunch? in your suite? at the pool bar? problem. 

Forgot your shades? 1-2 minutes to get to your suite versus a quarter mile jog thru the crowds on a megaship. All aboard in 20 minutes, but you want to run ashore for something you forgot? lines, no problem

Have a problem with your wardrobe? Don't want to pack or unpack? Want to have that caviar in the dining room rather than your suite?...or wait!  how about at the outdoor grill  where your friends are eating now? different pillows? More of your favorite beer in the fridge?even when it is not available at the bars? Afternoon tea on your balcony? organize and put away your souvenirs?  

You sweat the details in your practice, let someone else do that for you. Anything that seems like a hassle? don't want to deal with it? Something annoying?                   


Silversea butlers are trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers.  


In the course of  the 200 days I have spent on Silversea, rarely, things have broken or gone wrong. Nothing is perfect. However , the recovery, the response to the problem has always been exceptional.

You feel valued and appreciated. You are not a nameless face. The same caring, consideration and deference you expect as a member of your private country club or yacht club is evident onboard.

Long term Staff who actually remember you and greet you, year after year.

Knowing: that anything is possible; that there are few if any hassles to deal with;  or that if there are any, they  can be handled for you; that instead of caring for everybody and everything, you can relax knowing an  enthusiastic, accommodating staff is at the ready. 

Taking care of you the way you take care of your patients!



My way of helping you find the same relaxation, familiarity, comfort and excellence that I have discovered and have enjoyed so much!


 When I cruised with Silversea two years ago, I criticised the line for being complacent. Sure, my ship -- Silver Whisper -- was nice, but I felt that, because everyone was so busy telling me how ultra-luxurious everything was, they failed to notice standards were slipping.

It was not so much about the service (although that could have done with a quick polish). The ship was looking dated -- left behind, not just by other ultra-lux lines, but by those claiming fewer stars, as well.

So, I embarked on Silver Wind in February with a few negative thoughts in my head, especially as the ship is one of the oldest luxury vessels around and has several years on the Whisper. At 15 years old, Silver Wind is especially old for a luxury ship, given that our expectations of luxury are now much higher than they were back in the 90's.

On the other hand, Silver Wind had just emerged from a multimillion-dollar refit, which I hoped would have dragged it into the 21st century.

It did. Silver Wind, one of the cosiest and most intimate ships afloat today, now has a new spa, a handful of new, beautifully designed suites and an overall refreshment of cabins and public rooms that made it even more inviting. Within a day of being on board, I was happy to admit that complacency was out, and surefire luxury was in.

Silver Wind is a small ship -- I reckon it took about five minutes to work out where everything was! For me, that was one of its big selling points, as it offered a very friendly atmosphere. The all-inclusive drinks policy also does a lot to promote that friendliness, especially if you are cruising alone.

Needless to say, though, if you like to do more than sunbathe, read books or eat -- and if your perfect holiday includes a huge casino, schedules packed tight with enrichment activities, and silly pool games -- this is not the cruise for you.

Either side of a rather staid Mediterranean summer season, Silver Wind specialises in more adventurous itineraries.  

Small Ship, Intimate Luxury



You are cordially invited to experience the extraordinary world of luxury cruise travel. The world of Silversea. It is a world of European elegance and casual sophistication. All-inclusive. Highly personalised. And breathtaking in scope.All of our suites feature ocean views, and many with a private teak veranda. Aboard our intimate luxury ships you’ll discover a passion for perfection inherent in everything we do — personalised service that attends to the unspoken, exquisite cuisine inspired by Relais & Châteaux, spacious lounges and intimate bars where conversation flows freely and nobody has to reach for the tab. Solicitous attendants create a privileged realm of relaxation and indulgence. Restaurants are comparable to the finest on land. And the atmosphere is delightfully convivial thanks to like-minded guests with a common bond: the love of travel. From butler service for every guest to journeys that are infinitely customisable, Silversea luxury cruises are the gold standard by which all others are judged.  

In a world of multi-national conglomerates, Silversea Cruises is owned and operated by one family — the Lefebvres of Rome. This means genuine pride in ownership and a true Italian passion for embracing the best of life and a personal commitment to maintain the high standards of cruise excellence that have been the cornerstone of Silversea from the very beginning. 

All-Inclusive, Nothing Extra

Enjoy the ease, convenience and value of an all-inclusive cruise fare that includes almost all of your discretionary onboard expenses such as gratuities, room service, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages – those extra charges that can add up to so much more.The Art of Luxury Travel l  

Polished to Perfection

Silversea is passionate about service and profoundly committed to maintaining the highest standards. Service that is richly personalised, genuine and caring, where every wish, every need is discretely anticipated and promptly delivered. With the experienced, highly trained personnel of a top luxury cruise line and a staff to guest ratio of nearly one to one, service excellence is guaranteed aboard the ships of Silversea.Experience Silversea Style 

Global Flavours for Worldly Travellers

Renowned for culinary excellence and innovative spirit, Silversea’s luxury cruises offer a choice of open-seating dining options throughout the fleet, as well as several specialty venues aboard all non-expedition ships. In fact Silver Spirit has six restaurants to choose from; rather remarkable for a ship of her size. Daily changing menus present a wide range of offerings including Continental, vegetarian and CruiseLite selections, as well as regional specialities unique to the destination.A Tribute to Your Taste 

Your Suite is Your Sanctuary

Silversea’s suites offer one of the highest space-per-guest ratios of any luxury cruise accommodations. All of our suites feature ocean views, and many with a private teak veranda. That’s why every Silversea suite is indulgently spacious, and beautifully furnished. Freshen up in your Italian marble bathroom with a choice of luxury amenities to suit your personal taste.Discover Silversea's Luxury Suites 

Exclusive small-ship ports

SAN JUAN: your departure point, Sunday 25 Feb 10:00pm::  If you associate Puerto Rico's capital with the colonial streets of Old San Juan, then you know only part of the picture. San Juan is a major metropolis, radiating out from the bay on the Atlantic Ocean that was discovered by Juan Ponce de León. More than a third of the island's nearly 4 million citizens proudly call themselves sanjuaneros. The city may be rooted in the past, but it has its eye on the future. Locals go about their business surrounded by colonial architecture and towering modern structures.By 1508 the explorer Juan Ponce de León had established a colony in an area now known as Caparra, southeast of present-day San Juan. He later moved the settlement north to a more hospitable peninsular location.

 SPANISH TOWN Monday 26 Feb  8a-9p: Virgin Gorda, or "Fat Virgin," received its name from Christopher Columbus. The explorer envisioned the island as a pregnant woman in a languid recline, with Gorda Peak being her belly and the boulders of the Baths as her toes. Different in topography from Tortola, with an arid landscape covered with scrub brush and cactus, the pace of life is slower here, too. Goats and cattle own the right of way, and the unpretentious friendliness of the people is winning. The top sight (and beach for that matter) is the Baths, which draws scores of cruise-ship passengers and day-trippers to its giant boulders and grottoes that form a perfect snorkeling environment. 


  • Tuesday 27 Feb
  • Arrive: 08:00, Depart 18:00

You can easily explore all of Gustavia during a two-hour stroll. Some shops close from noon to 3 or 4, so plan lunch accordingly, but stores stay open past 7 in the evening. Parking in Gustavia is a challenge, especially during vacation times. A good spot to park is rue de la République, alongside the catamarans, yachts, and sailboats. 


  • Wednesday 28 Feb
  • Arrive: 12:00, Depart 22:00

With a lush interior featuring towering mountains, dense rain forest, fertile valleys, and acres of banana plantations, St. Lucia is mostly distinguished by the Pitons—twin peaks that soar high above the ocean floor on the southwest coast. Whether you stay in Soufrière, in the north in or around Rodney Bay Village, or even farther north at Cap Estate, exploring the iconic natural sights—and local history—in Soufrière is a day well spent. Except for a small area in the extreme northeast, one main highway circles all of St. Lucia. The road snakes along the coast, cuts across mountains, makes... 



  • Thursday 01 Mar
  • Arrive: 08:00, Depart 18:00

Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa those heady aromas fill the air in Grenada (pronounced gruh-nay-da). Only 21 miles (33½ km) long and 12 miles (19½ km) wide, the Isle of Spice is a tropical gem of lush rain forests, white-sand beaches, secluded coves, exotic flowers, and enough locally grown spices to fill anyone's kitchen cabinet. St. George's is one of the most picturesque capital cities in the Caribbean, St. George's Harbour is one of the most picturesque harbors, and Grenada's Grand Anse Beach is one of the region's finest beaches. The island has friendly, hospitable people and enough good... 


  • Friday 02 Mar
  • Arrive: 08:00, Depart 23:00

This bustling capital city is a major duty-free port with a compact shopping area. The principal thoroughfare is Broad Street, which leads west from National Heroes Square.Amongst top attractions here, the Pelican Villagea cluster of workshops located halfway between the cruise-ship terminal and downtown Bridgetown where craftspeople create and sell locally made leather goods, batik, basketry, carvings, jewelry, glass art, paintings, pottery, and other items. It's open weekdays 9 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 2; things here are most active when cruise ships are in port.Alternatively,... 



  • Saturday 03 Mar
  • Arrive: 08:30, Depart 15:00

The small island of Mayreau, just one and 1/2 square miles in area (3.9 square kilometres) is the smallest inhabited island of The Grenadines, and is part of the independent state of St.Vincent in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Two of the best known islands in The Grenadines are Mustique and Bequia, the second largest island in this group. The Grenadine Islands are strung out in a gentle sweep between St.Vincent and Grenada. Most visitors to Mayreau arrive from cruise ships, on the regular ferry, or by yacht. There are no proper roads on the island, only a few vehicles, no airport and only a... 


  • Guadeloupe, French West Indies
  • Sunday 04 Mar
  • Arrive: 08:00, Depart 18:00



  • Monday 05 Mar
  • Arrive: 08:00, Depart 23:00

Old meets new in the province's capital (metro-area population a little more than 200,000), with modern office buildings surrounded by heritage shops and colorful row houses. St. John's mixes English and Irish influences, Victorian architecture and modern convenience, and traditional music and rock and roll into a heady brew. The arts scene is lively, but overall the city moves at a relaxed pace.For centuries, Newfoundland was the largest supplier of salt cod in the world, and St. John's Harbour was the center of the trade. As early as 1627, the merchants of Water Street—then known as the... 



  • Tuesday 06 Mar
  • Arrive: 13:00, Depart 23:00

The bustling capital of the BVI looks out over Road Harbour. It takes only an hour or so to stroll down Main Street and along the waterfront, checking out the traditional West Indian buildings painted in pastel colors and with corrugated-tin roofs, bright shutters, and delicate fretwork trim. For sightseeing brochures and the latest information on everything from taxi rates to ferry schedules, stop in at the BVI Tourist Board office. Or just choose a seat on one of the benches in Sir Olva Georges Square, on Waterfront Drive, and watch the people come and go from the ferry dock and customs... 



  • Wednesday 07 Mar
  • Arrive: 08:00

If you associate Puerto Rico's capital with the colonial streets of Old San Juan, then you know only part of the picture. San Juan is a major metropolis, radiating out from the bay on the Atlantic Ocean that was discovered by Juan Ponce de León. More than a third of the island's nearly 4 million citizens proudly call themselves sanjuaneros. The city may be rooted in the past, but it has its eye on the future. Locals go about their business surrounded by colonial architecture and towering modern structures.By 1508 the explorer Juan Ponce de León had established a colony in an area now known as 

Typical Gangway traffic

Easy On and Easy Off....

Panorama Lounge

Comfotable, casually elegant and uncrowded

Spanish Town Virgin Gorda

Home of the famous Baths, Long Bay, Biras Creek, Little Dix Bay and the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Beach and snorkeling in the morning, lunch at the Bitter End, Spa in the afternoon, Sunset Sail....back home to your floating refuge.